I'm in a committed relationship with french fries and sad fiction.
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I’m finally getting to the good Rory/Jess stuff in my Gilmore Girls rewatch. Life is good. 

Anonymous:  what did you think of the ending to gone girl?

I absolutely loved the end of Gone Girl. [spoilers below the cut]

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I think anybody who falls in love is a freak. It’s a crazy thing to do. It’s kind of like a form of socially acceptable insanity.”

Her (2013)


I was a big ‘Blue Valentine’ fan. I really loved that movie. And I thought the performances were just unbelievably real, which is certainly what I always strive for in my work.

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Think c a r e f u l l y, everything after this moment will not only determine your career but life.

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Sometimes I doubt your commitment to Sparklemotion.

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I’ve never loved anyone the way I love you.

Me too. Now we know how.

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TV networks keep picking up new Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk projects, which is great because they all sound awesome. But they are all anthologies because those two can’t seem to write consistency to save their lives. So you know, an anthology solves their problem. 

Imagine if they’d done that with Glee. 

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Bryan “So Nice I Won Twice” Cranston
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I see Pacific Rim and I just can’t resist. Based on the teaser poster.

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I always marvel at the humans’ ability to keep going. They always manage to stagger on even with tears streaming down their faces.
—Markus Zusak, The Book Thief (via brivid)
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